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 Shining Orchids have over 20 years of experience in orchids (phalaenopsis, cattleya, etc.) hybridization, propagation, and nursery operation. Our growing experiences offer our customers the healthiest and highest quality plants from our nursery. We export all stage plants, from flask plants, young, medium and mature plants for international market and supply flowering plants for domestic market.
Shining Orchids, a team combined with breeders, tissue culture and cultivating greenhouses. 
We provide customers with high quality plant of 1.7”, 2.5” and 3.5”, furthermore to that we also provide stable high-quality flasks. We offer services of developing specific new Phalaenopsis variety by customer’s request.
Shining Orchid’s annual development of new varieties can reach up to 30 varieties, which provides wide diversity of selections to our customers.Tissue culture lab’s annual productions are more than 1,500,000 plants for cultivating and m... [more]
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